Rowan Park Care Home in Radstock, Somerset

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Rowan Park Care Home and Radstock, Somerset

Radstock is a charming town in Somerset that offers a range of opportunities that are perfect for our elderly residents at Rowan Park Care Home. Our home provides our local community with a number of care services which include, Residential Care, Nursing Care, Dementia Care, and Respite Care in a luxury setting. The scenic views of the Mendip Hills and tranquil surroundings of our home make it the perfect place for individuals to reside.

Rowan Park believes that all of our residents should lead a rich and fulfilled life and receive the up most respect. We are able to provide this through our luxury facilities, highly-trained team, and weekly activities programme that we put together to ensure that our residents have a diverse choice of opportunities every day. Our activities programme varies to make sure that our home has lots of entertainment which minimises loneliness and maximises socialisation. Our activities coordinators offer a range of accessible activities such as arts & crafts, games, entertainment, and trips to local attractions. It has also been designed to make sure that our residents can continue with their hobbies or discover new interests.

Our care home in Radstock, Somerset is located in a picturesque location, which makes it a lovely retreat for elderly individuals. Rowan Park is surrounded by ample outside space for residents to enjoy and they are often invited to join us on trips out into the local area such as Bath, Bristol, and other surrounding areas. Radstock is the perfect place for care homes as it is also well-known for its rich history and is the ‘best’ preserved coal mining town in the UK.

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Residential Care in Somerset

Rowan Park Care Home provides 24-hour care to its residents 7 days a week. No matter the level of assistance, we strive to meet every individual resident’s needs and we create tailored care plans to achieve this. We always encourage our residents to continue to be independent and our team is here to offer support when needed.

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Dementia Care in Somerset

We are proud to be able to offer Dementia Care at our care home in Radstock Somerset and provide our residents with a supportive environment and safe space. Our care professionals provide care and support for those living with Dementia and continue to receive ongoing training in order to make sure that they are fully knowledgeable in all aspects of caring for someone with Dementia.

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Nursing Care in Somerset

When a resident needs continuous medical and personal care, then Nursing Care is the most appropriate care service. At Rowan Park Care Home we have a knowledgeable team of compassionate care professionals that can provide medical care to those individuals that have highly dependant medical needs or illnesses. Our nursing home provides each resident with a key nurse who gets to know them on an individual basis so that they can provide the best support and care for their needs.


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Respite Care in Somerset

To support our local community of Radstock, we offer Respite Care which allows individuals to stay at our home temporarily. This stay can be for a few weeks, months, or until someone is ready to resume their normal routine within their own home again. This service is most commonly used when someone is recovering from an illness or when their usual caregiver is having a well-earned break. Just like all the other services within our home, we will still carry out a pre-admission evaluation so the correct type of care can be provided at all times, and this care is also provided around-the-clock.

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What’s Local to Rowan Park Care Home? 

Our care home is located in an area that has a strong sense of community spirit. Being in a supportive and homely environment inside and outside the home can be extremely beneficial to our resident’s wellbeing. Radstock is also filled with lots of cultural and recreational opportunities as it has a rich amount of history. The Radstock Museum showcases the town’s coal mining heritage, allowing residents to explore and learn about the local history. Additionally, there are various parks, gardens, and leisure facilities in and around Radstock, providing opportunities for leisure activities and socialising.

Radstock Museum

Radstock is a town on the northern slope of Mendip Hills in Somerset and is only 12 miles away from the historic city of Bath. However, Radstock is full of history itself and it is renowned for being the ‘Best Preserved’ mining town in England. Radstock Museum shows the varied history of the town and is an award-winning museum that transports you into the Victorian industry age where you can see what life was like for a miner and their families.

Only a few miles away is Writhlington School, which is known for its Orchid collection which has won a number of awards and has the largest collection of Orchids after Kew Gardens. The ‘Orchid Project’ is an enterprise project that involves Writhlington School’s students. The income generated allows the students to travel to Rwanda, Laos, Sikkum, and other bio-diverse tropical habitats to learn more about the importance of conservation.

Bath is only 9 miles west of Radstock and is a beautiful historic town that has a number of activities which includes over 16 museums. The city has a wealth of Roman remains, including temples and baths as well as its very own Hot Springs. In 1987, Bath joined the ranks of the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids of Giza, by becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

An Enriched Lifestyle

At Rowan Park Care Home in Radstock, Somerset, we have carefully designed our facility to cater to a wide range of care needs while fostering a sense of community and reaping the benefits of group living. Within our home, you’ll discover numerous spaces designed to facilitate socialisation, enabling residents to forge connections and enjoy meaningful interactions. We strive to keep each day fresh and captivating by offering a variety of activities that cater to individual interests. Our residents can experience a fulfilling lifestyle through our weekly activities and entertainment programme, regular outings and events, and first-class care home facilities. At Rowan Park Care Home, we take pride in surpassing expectations by striking the perfect balance between outstanding care, well-appointed facilities, and an active lifestyle.

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