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Landscaped Garden & Patio

Our landscaped garden and patio is an easy escape to nature for our residents. Whether it’s to take some time to themselves or catch up with family and friends, the Rowan Park garden and patio is a great place to capture the beauty of nature.

Whenever the weather permits, we organise outdoor activities in our serene grounds. It’s the perfect space for residents and their loved ones to savour an Afternoon Tea, for gardening enthusiasts to tend to their plants, or for anyone to immerse themselves in a beloved book.

A Safe & Private Escape To Nature

Our gardens offer an outdoor haven where residents can safely embrace nature and engage in various activities, such as planting or nurturing existing flowers. Our landscape also provides an excellent opportunity for socialising and fostering connections with other residents, improving relationships within the home and overall well-being.

At Rowan Park Care Home, we’ve witnessed firsthand the positive impact of gardening and outdoor experiences on our residents. That’s why, whenever weather permits, our dedicated teams make every effort to organise activities that can be enjoyed in our secure and private outdoor area.

flowers in the garden
flowers in the garden

Step into Nature’s Beauty

Our garden offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the wonders of nature. We extend a warm invitation to all our residents to take a leisurely stroll through our garden and embrace the serenity it provides. You can unwind on a comfortable bench and lose yourself in the pages of your favourite book, whether alone or in the company of a loved one.

For those feeling creatively inspired, consider sketching some of the delightful creatures that call Rowan Park garden their home or capturing their essence through photography. Our garden is a habitat to a variety of charming animals, offering the chance to encounter different wildlife. Even if gardening isn’t your passion, Rowan Park has something special to offer every resident.

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What You’ll Find at Rowan Park Care Home

We are dedicated to ensuring that our residents enjoy life to the fullest, both indoors and outdoors. This is why we have dedicated time into making our garden such a cherished space at Rowan Park. Whenever the weather allows, we wholeheartedly encourage residents to make the most of our outdoor area. Whether it’s engaging in a bit of gardening or simply basking in the sun with a captivating book, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the space.

Physical Activity

Connection with Nature

Sensory Stimulation

Natural Light

Social Interaction

Private Outdoor Space

Garden FAQs

Yes, the garden is designed to be fully accessible to all residents, including those with mobility issues. We have taken measures to ensure that the garden is wheelchair-friendly and that there are accessible pathways and seating areas to accommodate residents with diverse mobility needs.

We hold a variety of activities outdoors including walking, gardening, lawn games, and chair exercises, and when the weather permits, residents can even dine with family and friends, get involved in outdoor arts & crafts, and enjoy live entertainment!

Yes, family members and friends are welcome to visit residents in the garden. We encourage social connections and understand the importance of spending quality time with loved ones in a serene outdoor setting.

How we care for you

At our Radstock-based care home, we take pride in offering top of the range care services. We are dedicated to ensuring that every resident has the chance to receive top-notch care alongside pursuing their hobbies, interests, and building new connections.

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