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If you’re in the mood for creative expression during your stay at Rowan Park Care Home, we are delighted to offer exclusive art and crafts sessions for our residents and their guests. Our range of creative events, including art and crafts, is detailed in our Full Activities Programme.

Engaging in artistic activities is not only calming but also a wonderful way to connect with others. Recognising the numerous physical and emotional benefits of arts and crafts, we provide a diverse selection of developing crafting programs, encouraging our residents to unleash their creativity.

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Rowan Park Care Home provides residents with the opportunity to express their creativity, share laughter and conversation with neighbours and friends during our engaging arts and crafts sessions. These sessions not only build social connections but also contribute to the overall physical and mental well-being of our residents. Completing each masterpiece brings a sense of accomplishment and joy.

Our arts and crafts events are designed to be inclusive and educational, ensuring that even those who may not consider themselves artistically inclined have a fantastic time while learning something new. With themed activities like crafting flower arrangements or greeting cards, these sessions cater to individuals of all ages, allowing residents to involve their children and grandchildren in the creative and enjoyable experience.

Creativity Waits For No One

At Rowan Park Care Home, we embrace the spontaneous nature of creativity in our arts and crafts programs. Drawing inspiration from our residents and the surrounding environment, we have all the resources for engaging activities. Whether it’s conducting craft classes in the living rooms or painting on the lawn on a Sunday, we ensure that our residents have access to the necessary supplies.

Additionally, we often explore the natural resources in the garden and other elements of the house, incorporating them into our creative projects. The aim is to make the arts and crafts experience not only enjoyable but also uniquely connected to the environment at Rowan Park.

What You’ll Find at Rowan Park

We have thoughtfully designed our care home to include a variety of facilities and services that provide our residents with the comfort, convenience, and support they deserve.

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Arts and Crafts FAQs

At Rowan Park Care Home, you have the option to take your artistic masterpieces back to your room and proudly display them. However, if a member of our staff admires your work and believes it deserves a broader audience, they may ask if they can display it in a communal area for everyone to appreciate. We celebrate the creativity of our residents and enjoy showcasing their talents throughout our community.

Our arts and crafts sessions are welcome for absolutely everyone to take part in. Although primarily these sessions are held for our residents, their loved ones are more than welcome to participate. After all – the more the merrier!

At Rowan Park Care Home, our dedicated teams are delighted to provide all the necessary art supplies for our residents. However, if you’re feeling particularly creative and have additional art supplies you’d like to use, you are more than welcome to bring them in. We encourage and support residents in personalising their creative experiences, ensuring that they have everything they need to fully express themselves.

During our regular arts and craft events at Rowan Park Care Home, the creative possibilities are endless. While you’re more than welcome to craft anything you desire, our teams have previously organised engaging scrapbooking events and sewing sessions for our residents. These activities provide an opportunity for residents to express themselves creatively and enjoy the process of crafting in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

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