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Fine Dining

Our resident chefs take pride in preparing home-cooked meals that offer a variety, including residents’ favourite dishes. Whether served privately in residents’ rooms or enjoyed socially in our dining areas, we prioritise residents’ preferences and best interests in every aspect of care we provide.

Recognising the impact of nutrition on overall health, we emphasise the importance of a nutritious dining experience, especially as we age. Our shared dining space, overlooking the beautiful landscaped garden, creates a relaxing environment where residents can enjoy delightful meals every day. Friends and family can be assured that their loved ones are partaking in a fulfilling dining experience at Rowan Park.

Mealtimes Made For You

At Rowan Park Care Home, mealtimes are a cherished moment for us, providing the perfect opportunity to gather with our residents and allowing them to create connections with loved ones and fellow residents.

Understanding the social benefits of communal dining, we encourage residents to eat together as much as possible. For those who prefer tranquility, we offer room service. If special assistance is needed, our staff members are more than happy to sit with residents, providing support and ensuring they can enjoy their meals at their own pace.

We extend a warm welcome to residents’ friends, family, and loved ones to join us for dinner. Whether in our shared dining spaces or enjoying a meal privately in their own room or in one of our dedicated dining rooms, we aim to make mealtimes a pleasurable and shared experience for all our residents at Rowan Park Care Home.

We welcome resident’s friends, family, or loved ones to join us for dinner, and can do so by sitting with us in our shared dining spaces, or enjoying a mealtime privately either in their own room or in one of our dedicated dining rooms. Mealtimes can be one of those most enjoyed parts of the family day, and we want to ensure residents can continue to find pleasure in that experience when living with us here at Rowan Park Care Home.

Dining with Dementia

At Rowan Park Care Home, we understand the importance of tailored dining experiences for residents with dementia. Attention to detail is crucial, creating a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere by serving meals in a clutter-free environment. Our goal is to relieve frustrations and tensions associated with dementia.

We have specialised tableware designed to assist residents with fine motor skills, enabling them to eat and enjoy their meals as independently as possible. Focusing on the unique needs of residents with dementia is of utmost importance, and the careful attention to their dining experiences can make a significant difference in their wellbeing.

What You’ll Find at Rowan Park

We have thoughtfully designed our care home to include a variety of facilities and services that provide our residents with the comfort, convenience, and support they deserve.

Private Dining Options

Menus for Every Season

Choice of Dining Areas

Dining FAQs

Rest assured, at Rowan Park Care Home, you won’t need to worry about any additional costs for meals. Your payment plan is designed to cover all your dining expenses. We aim to provide a comprehensive and inclusive service to ensure your comfort and well-being during your stay with us.

At Rowan Park Care Home, our dedicated chef and kitchen staff are tirelessly working on-site to deliver the highest quality meals each day. To ensure residents receive nutritious and appetising meals, our kitchen team undergoes ongoing training. They work closely with our guests and residents, paying great attention to their preferences, and strive to prepare delicious meals that cater to everyone’s enjoyment. Your culinary experience at Rowan Park is crafted with care, considering the unique tastes and preferences of our residents.

Absolutely, at Rowan Park Care Home, we believe in providing flexibility and comfort during mealtimes. All residents have the opportunity to enjoy their meals wherever they like, encouraging them to dine in the space where they feel most comfortable. Whether in dining rooms, personal bedrooms, lounges, or, weather permitting, outside in our beautifully landscaped garden, we aim to create a dining experience tailored to the individual preferences and comfort of each resident.

In addition to our main mealtimes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, our lounges serve beverages and snacks throughout the day.

Those who want to dine in the privacy of their own rooms can order room service when choosing what they want to eat for the day. If you contact our catering team ahead of time, we can also arrange to serve special celebratory meals.

Certainly, at Rowan Park Care Home, you have complete control over your meal choices. Our extensive and varied menu offers a range of options for you to select from.

Whether you choose from the provided menus or discuss with our catering staff for alternative offerings, our chef and cookery team are open to accommodating any special dietary requirements or menu changes you may have. Your preferences and needs are taken into consideration to ensure a personalised and enjoyable dining experience.

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