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As part of our resident’s experience at Rowan Park care home, we make sure to prioritise their well-being and appearance. We invite all residents to experience our Hair and Beauty Salon to experience the tranquil setting of relaxation and pampering.

Our exceptional team of qualified hair and beauty experts at Rowan Park care home go the extra mile to ensure residents leave not only completely relaxed but also with a rejuvenated look that’s bound to boost confidence and gain attention.

Invest in Yourself

Our Salon & Therapy Room is all-inclusive for all stays, and offers haircuts, facials and make-up sessions. One of our main aims for our residents is ensuring a stay that improves the overall wellbeing, which our health and beauty services significantly contribute to.

Whether residents choose to unwind in our salon or engage in a friendly chat with our staff, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring their stay is as delightful as possible.

Try Something New

Another great benefit of the Rowan Park Hair Salon and spa is its convenience. Residents can enjoy these services without the need to step outside or wait for transportation; everything they require is available on-site. We firmly believe that feeling good often stems from looking one’s best, which is why we encourage residents to make full use of the facilities provided to them as frequently as they desire.

What You’ll Find at Rowan Park Care Home

The Rowan park care home has been specifically designed to incorporate a variety of facilities and features that ensure our residents are fully supported with comfort and convenience.

Hair Styling

Beauty Treatments

Pamper Sessions

Qualified hair and beauty experts

Boosts Self Esteem

Weekly Visits

Hair Salon & Spa FAQs

Residents can make appointments for hair washing, cutting, blow drying, and manicures and pedicures.

Yes, all salon and therapy services in our Salon & Therapy Room are provided by licensed and qualified professionals.

Your well-being and safety are our top priorities, and our skilled team ensures that you receive high-quality care and personalised attention during your salon and therapy sessions.

Yes, our Salon & Therapy Room is designed to be fully accessible for residents with disabilities or those who use wheelchairs. We have ensured that the facilities are wheelchair-friendly, making it easy and convenient for all residents to enjoy the services and amenities offered.

Premium Care Tailored to You

We provide a diverse range of care services and have made substantial investments to ensure we offer state-of-the-art care and accessibility equipment. Alongside our exceptional staff, our goal is to promote residents’ independence, uphold their dignity, and enhance their overall quality of life.

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